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Most every large recreation lake has a party cove or favorite adult hang out spot and Lake Texoma is no exception. On Lake Texoma, North Island or Bikini Beach is where adult boaters go to cut loose and let off some steam. Located not far outside the marina entrance to Highport Marina in Pottsboro Texas North island or Bikini Beach is a party favorite for Texas and Oklahoma boaters.

North Island is the norther most island of a chain of three islands off Preston Point in Pottsboro Texas. The three islands are Wood Island to the South, Treasure island in the center and North Island respectively. North island is commonly referred to as "Bikini Beach" by the locals and is also called "party cove" "titty beach" "nude island" and "north beach". North Island is mainly known for large boat tie ups and adult behavior. It is not unusual to see many topless women and rowdy behavior on north island on any sunny weekend but specifically on holiday weekends such as Memoerial Day weekend, 4th of July weekend and Labor Day weekend. Treasure Island is usually the domain of small groups of three to five boats wanting a more private picnic type day without the rowdy activities on nearby north island. Wood Island is predominantly a family favorite location and considered 'off limits" to the party boater types.

North island is the party island. Treasure Island is for small groups that just want to hang out together and maybe camp or picnic. Wood Island is a family friendly island where large groups and small groups find a place to beach together, campout and hold parties and events. Although you can find a mix at any of the islands it is best to respect the focus and customs of each island.

If you visit Lake texomas islands be sure and clean your mess up, clean up after your pets and haul away your trash. If you want to make enemies on lake texoma, be a pig.

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